Sunday, 29 June 2014


I arrived with way too much luggage, but i knew I'd be away from home a good few months. The journey was long we stopped at a service station and I had what I hoped would be my final hit. I loaded the pipe with the last few brown rocks, they had agreed to admit me 'dirty' as long as a full detox was not necessary. I inhaled deeply, savouring every fleetingly precious moment of pure bliss, I felt warm, fuzzy, wrapped in my invincible cover. I was safe, protected, no one and nothing could hurt me, as I floated off on my cloud of contentment and artificial peace. Then absence of sadness overwhelmed me, I felt tearful would this be the final goodbye to my faithful friend? The friend who had given me everything, and yet taken everything I had, and nearly stolen my soul in the process.

As we drove on, my phone bleeped continuously with messages from various dealers trying to sell me their substances all offering different weights, sizes and prices and some with delivery included. Finally we went up the steep winding little lane, to the right I could see the sea it looked temptingly beautiful with the sun setting beyond the horizon, to the left was woodland with cottages and buildings joined by narrow pathways dotted in amongst the vegetation, it seemed almost enchanted and I thought this seemed a very special. The leaves were drenched in the last rays of sun light illuminating them in gold and pinks.
We pulled up, the gravel crunching loudly under the tyres as we came to a halt. A huge grade 2 listed castle like building stood towering before me, but somehow it seemed welcoming not threatening as it's gothic and almost spooky exterior would suggest. The huge wooden arched door creaked open before me, and there stood a smiling  warm face, my worker was 5'5, a small lady with small petit features and mousey blond hair in her early 40's.
Then the fear hit me like a tone of bricks, panic swelled up into my chest and throat. I saw other residents bustling around on their business and staff chatting away by reception.
Who are these people? What are their stories? Will I be okay here? My mind started to race.

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  1. Hiya, Nice to see you back. 2 & half years ! Shit that's flown by.